What a good energy day, almost all things are a plus today other than destructive or judicial so if you have a court day, reschedule and it will be fine another day.

If you’re are a Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, you should clean your energies as it’s a very different energy that rules you today.  I always say best days are when the universe and you are aligned positively it definitely increases the chances for success.   I have a lot of clients who always call me to find out if a certain day is good to see the dentist or get married, I check the dates and let them know when they and the universe are better.

If this is your birthday perhaps you should consider that things happen and sometimes they can be your fault.  You can be a good leader but again being a leader is about delegating, let people do their work.  Don’t micro manage, I feel the old soul inside you can temper your mouth as sometimes it can get you in trouble if you let it run amuck.

In astrology you should always get a natal or birth chart, it will give you a good map of your time here on earth.  If you are interested, I do the natal and solar return for current or coming year.  If you have never done it, do it, it’s a lifetime chart that you only need do once, the solar return is only for one year bur if you have a need to improve any aspect of your life, with the solar return you can not only put you in the right space to fix your issue but also where you should be if not where you live to allow the birth energy to push you to achieve.

If you are a Gemini your energy is masculine, the areas that can be affected are Lungs, Bronchial, nervous system, you are adaptable, curious, eloquent, expressive, agile.  A bit fake, inconsistent, can cheat, can be ungrateful, don’t trust because of previous mistakes, can lie, hypocrite, but learns from their mistakes.