Energy of the day:

Some days are better for something rather than other so if we know what today will bring makes it a better chance of things going our way, so if you need medical checkup or treatment, go for it today, otherwise today is a great day to get rid of any negative energies that might be around you.  It’s a day we can rid ourselves of negative thoughts or any dark magic we have been sent or simply picked up by entering negative energy places so pray, meditate, use cleansing rituals etc.

If today is your birthday:

This birthday can achieve much but must be connected with spirit otherwise chaos, stomach issues, nervous issues, generally hard to control your emotions, constantly looking for balance but unable to achieve so you move, change jobs but all you need do is balance your soul, mind, body, the trifecta will not be overwhelmed no matter what.  Your intensity tempered with your spirituality you will achieve all.