Good day for you to get what you are owed, so if you feel you need a promotion or should get more acknowledgement perhaps this is a good day to ask for it.  A good day to elope, anything that requires finishing or finally just accepting that you have what it takes.

Good day for the pig, since it’s a good energy day then the pig has a better chance of success in any endeavor

If today is your birthday then I have some good and not so good news, you are a very old soul, might get to much spiritual visits at night so your insight might be good but wake up tired, also check for anemia or iron deficiency, Oh yea the four winds howl around you so you might have drastic changes through out your life, this does not mean bad just drastic wo one day you might buy a lotto ticket and win, drastic but good.


Astrology is a study that can really help you understand your life, if you feel out of control do your natal chart, this birth chart will be a roadmap for your entire life, included in the package is the solar return so you can also see what the upcoming year will be like for you and this guide will point out areas you can improve and why and things to avoid also why.