Energy of the day:

Jupiter and mercury were retrograde until the 18th of this month so astrologically speaking it’s a better time to work on your endeavors, remember our personal energies do make a difference and much more than the general energies of the planet so always consider your energy as more important so pray, meditate, clear any obstacles and give yourself a better chance of success.  It’ a good day for the Tiger in the chinese astrology so for you it’s a better than average day for the rest of the signs just a good average day, smooth sailing today.  If you happen to be Aries try harder to work well with others and realize how much better it is to work well with others

If today is your birthday:

Natural world  calls so live outside the city, get an animal pet, whatever you choose nature will be part of you and with it you will achieve.  Don’t be hard headed be ok in your own skin and allow others to connect and advice you don’t take it as being told what to do.  Since you can be a little disorganized you might want to grow by writing about your trials and tribulations, keep life light, listen to comedy, and laugh your butt off.  If you happen to be one of those artistic types on this birthday, try to wear more blue as this color can enhance your creative juices.  Try not to wait till it’s to late, sometimes you might be waiting for something specific, I say give life a chance when too rigid life continues and you might miss the opportunity.  Be decisive, when too wishy washi opportunities pass us by so desice and move on to the next life event.