This is one of those days that if anything can go wrong it will, so try to stay home and relax, if you must go to work extra careful, definitely no waves at work today.  So just to be clear if your energies are good for the day it does counter the universal flow of the day so a horrible day can become an average day.

If a rabbit dog or pig stay home for sure, for the rest the best you can do is balance to an average for todays energies are exceptionally low and not positive at all.

If today is your birthday please try to pay attention to the road as a ticket or accident can befall you.  All this is preventable by not speeding and pay attention to the road and not your phone.  Your strong persona can take you to great heights but always make up with family when possible.  As an old soul yourself the powers around will help to mature you as you grow.

An astrological chart will open your eyes to your possibilities even if the chart is not the best, it will show you ways to use for your benefit, maybe it’s were you live, maybe not the best career you are suited for and always the solar return will show up to the year the energies that can help you better your life.  Check out my website and schedule your report today, you will not regret it, if you truly analyze you will be rewarded with ideas and concepts about yourself.

If you are a Leo your heart, spine, cardiac strain can be a problem so understanding these possibilities you can exercise and eat healthier and these deficiencies can be sidetracked.    You can be creative, optimist, generous, noble, sincere, brave, loyal companion, faithful.  On the negative side dominant, arrogant, proud, dictatorial, oppressor, dramatic, as adults can act as children.