Energy of the day:

A great day to plan your next steps, maybe a business plan you have in your head but have not put down on paper, strategy is how we overcome so it’s the right day to get ready for your next best thing.   Listen to your inner clock, it’s never too late but it can become more difficult the longer we stay idle and refuse to move forwards.  If you are a taurus and feel you are spiraling then it’s time to refocus your goals and find your balance by taking better care of yourself.  It’s a good day for the Goat and the Dog so for these two animal signs you might find this day a day of abundance.

If today is your birthday:

Don’t get wrapped up in the details you worry too much, let life show you the ropes, so as you grow you will evolve.  Don’t get into long dragged-out family squabbles, instead try to mend fences, after all they are family for life.  Can’t choose your relatives and you definitely can’t please everybody so learn the golden rule you first.  It’ ok to make adjustments if you want your ideas and projects to go forwards.  If you drive fast slow down as this birthday could be in a hurry and that extends to speed.  This bithday does its overall best when you exercise, best way to channel excess energy that can overwhelm you and your path of life.