On this day, the energies vote for romance so if alone ask someone out, if with partner send flowers.  Prepare a nice romantic meal, cook it yourself.  Pay complements to those who you want to acknowledge.  It’s a good communication day so stay frosty and pay attention you could always learn something new.

If this is your birthday today is a special and sensitive day so learn to deal with this sensitivity.  Don’t let the nonsense hat others spew ruin your calm and also learn to let go and not hold on.  You carry yourself well as your internal nature is regal.

Astrology is based on the stars, If you know your birthplace, birthday, time of birth it can give you a guide that will serve your entire life, it’s called a natal or birth chart, if you’ve never done one it’s a good time to do it.  Why, knowledge is power and you will see things about yourself that no one knows in the stars.

If your astrological sign is Virgo the virgin then you are feminine energies and your digestive track from intestines and lower abdomen can be affected, in general slow digestion so try and walk after each meal and never go to sleep after a meal.  Either detailed oriented or a mess, perfectionist and ethical, prudent, methodical, versatile, can have 2 personalities more the women than men. A good diet is critical for the mental well being of this sign.  If you develop your spiritual side most of these maladies will be bypassed so for Virgo spirituality will save them if they are off their rails of life.