Keep today to prayer and meditation, clear energy as you can overcome any flow issues.  Try any of my many cleansings described on my YouTube channel or my web site,  If you had a need to see a doctor today might also be an auspicious day for any medical treatment.

If today is your birthday these seems to be an energy around you that could make you see the world different, in either case if you feel tired in the mornings and are getting enough sleep check for anemia or iron deficiency.   Something about your eyes, you feel very connected to life, living, stop thinking you are lost and look in the mirror and say, we are ready.

Astrological chars are incredible source of information, a natal chart or birth chart will be the road map to your life.  If properly looked at it will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Along with the natal chart I deliver a solar return chart that will speak specifically of the coming year.  If interested check out my web site, schedule it and you will be astounded how accurate it is.

If you are in the sign of libra you are a cardinal sign masculine energy the organs affected are the lumbar, kidneys, ovaries.  Your sign has certain positive and negative traits, on the positive side you can be diplomatic, friendly, some become artistic creative, persuasive, tactical, organized, overidealistic, refined.  On the negative you can be fickle, ostentatious, indecisive, influential, could be great manipulators, vain.