Good energies for this date, travel moving, renovation, any important action will have a better chance to work out for you on this day.  Anything that has been stuck will unstick if you but push a little, confirm if your energies are good as well and the doors will further open to come out positive on any endeavor today,

If today is your birthday take note it’s the weekend and give yourself a treat, get a hair cut, nail, massage, just pamper yourself.  The creative juices will flow in your life, learn the things that make you happy, an instrument, writing etc.

Have you ever thought of astrology, the natal or birth chart is a wonderful tool for your entire life.  You need some key information in order to do it correctly, where you were born, when you were born down to the time.  For the solar return part I also need your current location and with this info you will have a very accurate view from an astrological point what the framework of your life could look like.

If your sign is Scorpio you are feminine and the organs that are most affected is your sexual organs, some of your virtues are discrete, capacity to investigate so you would make a good investigator, loyal, workhorse. Defects can be vengeful, vindictive, jealous, astute, sarcastic, sensual, general strong sign.