Energy of the day:

It’s a day of healing, spiritual cleansing, pray, meditate, use what ever rituals to cleanse any low energies holding you back.

Good day for the Goat,  For the Rat, Snake and Rooster the energies are heaviest so for you go that extra mile to clean all you drag.

Scorpio: Time to give it a rest, to many people can torment the mind, the soul so a retreat to be with your own thoughts alone might be good for you.

If today is your birthday:

You have some charisma; do your thing and you will do it right.  Your energy will work best close to water, ocean, river, lake as long as its water you will find balance.  Betrayal will happen as you have charisma and there could be envy, jealousy, just move forwards and align with the best you.  How to be a better us, when in a relationship try your best to understand each other and, in that bond, you may yet achieve togetherness.