It’s a day to build bridges metaphysically and real so better communication and more.  Get engaged, married new relationship, renovate you home, get a new car etc.  Stay away from anything legal or moving homes, no medical treatment if can be avoided.

If this is your birthday today then you have some charisma, do your thing and you will do it right.  Your energy will work best close to water, ocean, river, lake as long as its water you will find balance.  Betrayal will happen as you have charisma and there could be envy, jealousy, just move forwards and align with the best you.  How to be a better us, when In a relationship try your best to understand each other and in that bond you may yet achieve togetherness.

Astrology:  Many parts to it but the natal chart or birth chart is important as it’s a road map of sorts into your life.  Along with this I give a solar return chart for the current year, there is nothing better than knowledge it will empower you to make better moves.  See my website order a natal chart, included is a solar return for current year as well.