Energy of the day:

The energy today is heavy and complicated so for today work on cleansing your space, work or home, clear your aura of attachments, prayer works, so will meditation, work with some methods to clean energy, try my free YouTube channel and use as you wish to clear your surroundings.

The Rooster today will be able to surpass any endeavor as the energy for you is positive so take today for a spin, use it or loose it.

Pisces:  Time to reflect on self and fine tune your path, time to make some changes to optimize your goals.

Virgo:  Adaptation or change might be what is important for you right now, don’t delay, rework your business plan, better structure your day.


If today is your birthday:

Inside the spiritual world is where you will evolve, you have premonitions but be careful what you listen too, some energies are tricksters don’t let the darkness take you for a ride.  Naturally attractive don’t let it go to your head, be faithful in relationships and never forget what you have is like a diamond attractive to others but how often they discard that wish they want after using it, don’t be fooled and trust your gut as to who is truly yours and who just wants what you got.  Pay attention to your intuition and reams as they may yet reveal your true purpose in this life.