Today is one of those days you want to keep a low profile and do nothing of significance as the flow is very volatile and you would not want to risk any opportunities that can be missed because of the low flow of energy in general.

If you are a Rabbit, Dog or Pig specifically your energy are not that good adding to the potential for problems the rest even though the energies are volatile my come ahead as your flow is good for the day.

If this is your birthday today be careful with addiction, if you love chocolate you might go the extra mile, everything in moderation, if you smoke limit to one every couple of days if you truly need one.  You are a good person so just be you and it will be enough.  Try not to be late to appointments or return messages, you might have a casual attitude and that is great if on a farm that you can do things at your pace but in this fast paced world doing things in a timely manner.

If you are 35 or 47 this is a year for you of transition, make all the changes you want, pull the trigger and also eliminate all the dead weight in your lives.  This year in particular may have a lasting effect on your futures and can extend out 10-15 years good or bad.  So do what you need to or you may be sitting on the negative side of life for a while.