Energy of the day:

A great day to open doors, invite them in, ask and you shall get positive outcome, start that new project, move the energies and the odds are on your side today.  Been looking to get started on a project, start it on the right foot, today is a good day.

Virgo:  Time to face the emotions you’ve been burring, time to face the music.

Pisces:  Too many emotional people around, don’t take others baggage, if it’s not your monkey, if it’s not your circus then make sure you don’t take on someone else’s karma.


If today is your birthday:

today is a good day for you, try and make peace with that relative that you have some issues with, if you are of driving age take the foot of the accelerator, insurance is expensive and so are tickets.  You can be a king maker I just mean whoever is next to you they will always be better for having you next to them.  If you know you want to do it, just get it done, remember in life there are no free rides consequences to your actions are part of taking a chance.