It’s a good energy day to initiate, get a new job or start one, have faith in yourself and use energy accordingly, if you want to ask for something today is also the type of day that will or could turn a no into a yes.  Look at  your specific animal and how that energy is today as you want all in your favor before pulling the trigger on important matters.

If you are a Rat, Dragon this day does not favor you in particular all other animals will have a good chance to achieve today so take it for a spin, remember all days are not created equal.

If this is your birthday today is a good day for you, try and make peace with that relative that you have some issues with, if you are of driving age take the foot of the accelerator, insurance is expensive and so are tickets.  You can be a king maker or the other if you are a man, work for a politician and make the person, you get the idea.

If you like talismans this is a good one that does not fail, if you have a good friendship and want to maintain it just cut a fresh lemon in half, place it under the chair where your friend will sit and your friendship will last.