The energies of the day are good to get medical help to build or tear up so clear that hedge or tree or knock down that old shed.  Also great day to get max effect if you do some sort of energy clearing.  If you are interested in knowing more about your life, spiritually or maybe even astrologically through the use of a natal chart or solar return then please visit my site and all will become clear.

If this is your birthday your sensitive nature can help you, don’t think of it as a weakness because it can take you far ifyou balance it well.  If you are one of those few that stress gets to you, some sublingual vitamin B12 will go nicely to replenish that nervous energy that seems to seep from your pores.  Stability and family is what brings this sign life so go get it, find that partner or if already with that person cultivate it so it will last you a lifetime.

If you are a Goat this is one of those days that life should flow in your direction, if a Snake stay home because this day will pass soon and you can get back to being yourself.

Take the seeds of a lemon you have consumed and place them in a pot give it as a present to a loved one as the plant grows so will your love for one another, also protects the relationship from envy and jealousy.