Energy of the day:

Time for action, whatever your goals this is one of those days where you may finish what you started, get return on your investment, no time like the present!

For the Rat and the Ox this day will provide all you need to help you become all you can be.

Taurus:  What are you waiting for, make it happen, won’t without putting your all into it.

Scorpio:  Time to get to the bottom of challenges you’ve shelved.

If today is your birthday:

Learn to keep your own council and not go head over heels for nothing.  Not love, work, trinkets etc.  Balance is required so you don’t take one step forwards and 2 back, if you feel this is what is going on, call Hector.  Hector will give you the spiritual guidance needed to arrive at your destination, don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone you respect or look up to.  Also, for women for this birthday buy a gold anklet and place it on your left ankle to keep you grounded.  There are differences between the sexes but either sex can be into short cuts in this case so do the work and see how far this life can take you.  Stay away from people with legal problems, someone can involve you in something that is not yours and cause you legal issues.   You might want to move, even city or state, it will be a good move for you.  Your actions can be misinterpreted so be honest, clear up misunderstandings.