Wonderful day to just keeping the flow smooth so no major changes today, it’s a day to build relationships and fortify what you already have.  If for some reason you feel betrayel and other things brining you down perhaps time to call schedule a psychic reading and find a better path or even learn what you need to do and fix what you have going on.  You are charismatic and just need a little adjustment to over the top.

If today is your birthday then learn to keep your own counsil and not go head over heels for nothing.  Not love, work, trinkets etc.  Balance is required so you don’t take one step forwards and 2 back, if you feel this is what is going on then call Hector he will give you the spiritual guidance needed to arrive at your destination.  Also, for women for this birthday buy a gold anklet and place it on your left ankle to keep you grounded .

If magic is your thing then try a bathtub full of warm water, take a dozen lemons and squeeze them in there, if you have a blender and can blend the full lemon even better, pour into the tub of warm water, do this on a full moon for best results.