Energy of the day;

No matter what you have been working towards today you my ask for it, for example if you’ve been wanting to ask for that promotion, hand in marriage, keep it focused on the result, so the odds of getting that job will have a better chance of success today.  Ask and you shall receive, trust you have done the work and today you deserve the right result.

If today is your birthday:

Keep this thought in mind, you might think it novel to sacrifice but who asked you, same for children, you give up things in hopes to give them a better tomorrow, they grow up and do their thing, you look back and realize they never asked you to.  Make it all about you, yes be responsible but your path of life is yours don’t give it up for some misguided attempt to be of service. Be very aware that you can have some emotional weakness that can drive you to depression, exercise for you will be your pill for life, keep yourself balanced by sweat not tears.