Energy of the day;

Some days are just easy, this is one of those days, flow along and don’t throw any rocks in your calm lake.

Gemini:  Time for a lifeline, call someone and get advice.

Sagittarius:  Time to reignite your life, start with a diet plan, exercise routine, results will surely follow.

The Rabbit, Dragon, Snake and Monkey could use an energy boost today.

If today is your birthday:

Try and stabilize your life, your emotions, do exercise, you tend to be overly dramatic so again exercise will diffuse your overactive mind; almost like you are bipolar but not, just very much in your head like an old person although you are young, so the solution is simple.  Also, your power color is red so try and wear some red, especially when having any important meeting or event, red hankie, or shoes, you get the idea.  Eat better as your digestion can become an issue, especially if you tend to eat and go to bed, you will most probably have issues sleeping that night, slow digestion could be the culprit.