Do you feel like you have 2 personalities then it’s time to clean energy because you are not crazy rather simply supper open the energies of the universe.  Great day to look for solutions to any blocks in your life, strategize and go for your goals today.

If this is your birthday then try and stabilize your life, your emotions and exercise you tend to be overly dramatic so again exercise will diffuse your overactive mind, almost like you are bipolar but not just very much in your head like an old person although you are young so the solution is simple, also your power color is red so try and wear some red, especially when having any important meeting or event.

For you spell casters out there get a green lime from a tree, get different colored pins not black, prick the lemon 21 different colors and wrap with a green cloth or ribbon, hang in your home or give as gift to a friend or family for good luck.