Energy of the day:

A day with low stagnant energies is best used to clear any unwanted energies from your aura, so pray, meditate, use cleansings as a form of clearing your path.  Remember if you don’t take a shower you stink so it is with energy and most people can sense heavy dirty energy and unfortunately we all like what shines so clear your energy and clear your path.

If today is your birthday:

Try and work on your meditation and remembering your messages through sleep.  You are an old soul so the more you connect to your spiritual side the better you will do in this life.  You have the makings of a leader so the better you improve your spiritual nature the more you evolve in this life.  Don’t feel like you are excelling at the speed you like, often a feeling of old souls, identify if it’s a real sensation or a reflection of your souls’ age.  If a woman, make sure you keep up with your gynecologist, in this life you might be prone to developing syst, not necessarily bad but always best to keep an eye.