Energy of the day:

Today’s energy is best suited to destroy so if you have a plan to tear down that old stump or that old shed or gut the bathroom to make a new one then good, all other ventures today are not very well aspected so you may take a relax day today, meditate, cleanse energy, exercise, work on your self and tomorrow will be a better day.  Remember there are several energies that have an effect so if your energy happens to be good today it will counteract the overall energy of the day.  When someone wants to do a procedure or open a new business they will call me and I will find the perfect day, in other words a day where your energy is great and the universal flow is also positive.  Let me remind you this guarantees nothing rather it’s a good way to hedge your bet, so if all is well the odds that things will turn on well just made it more possible for a positive outcome.

The pig and the rooster have good energy today so as far as these signs you may yet find positive outcome in your endeavors.


If today is your birthday:

On this date will come educators and teachers, philosophers as well as those who are of service.  A bit clumsy, bear in mind those bumps and bruises could have been avoided.  Through creative endeavors you can find a better balance,  as eclectic creatures your creative nature can help balance any obsessive traits so paint, or do just about anything creative, this will make you the best you possible.  You like fairness in all things, legal issues or situations may arise, even look at law as a career.  You should investigate the garden or nature as another balancing activity; when you are at your best there is always a creative component included.  There will always be some uniform energies around so you can have military, police, fire, or any other uniform people in your life.  From the spiritual side can be a Chaman, nun, priest, or psychic as a job an herbology can be a good one, dermatologist etc.  Can be very ritualistic, stay in your lane if you try something be careful with being burnt if you play with fire, literally and psychologically.  If you are interested in anything to do with healthcare or psychology continue to look into it, this day of service is tailor made to be in this career.