Energy of the day:

The low complicated energies today are best served by prayer, meditation, use some cleansing rituals and evolve past any anchors from your past.

Cancer:  Mid month changes will allow you to step up and grow, even if difficult, plow through and you will evolve.

Capricorn:  Change will come, be patient.

If today is your birthday:

you might be a tad over sensitive get a harder shell and things will get better for you.  Check your eyes as the odds are you might need glasses.  A bit clumsy, pay attention and you can easily overcome this handicap.  Teaching others might be a good way to diminish some karma you could have brought over from a previous life.  There are many ways for you to better your life, I believe in astrology, try a natal chart, it will be a road to your life’s purpose, best areas, and areas you need to work on.  Look, nothing is perfect, but if you can have a guide that will give insight, then you do it.