Energy of the day:

This is one of the best days this month, pull the trigger on all you want to do, only negative for today is any legal involvement so if you want to sue someone don’t do it today, if you have trial or any legal thing to do wait till tomorrow, if you have to sign any legal contract wait as tomorrow might be better for such an endeavor.   Otherwise all your dreams have better chance to come true today, take your business plan and make it reality today.  Remember an integral part of any future is integrity, the next move is yours.


If today is your birthday:

you might be a tad over sensitive get a harder shell and things will get better for you.  Check your eyes as the odds are you might need glasses.  A bit clumsy, pay attention and you can easily overcome this handicap.  Teaching others might be a good way to diminish some karma you could have brought over from a previous life.  There are many ways for you to better your life, I believe in astrology, try a natal chart, it will be a road to your life’s purpose, best areas, and areas you need to work on.  Look, nothing is perfect, but if you can have a guide that will give insight, then you do it.