Energy of the day:

Today the energies are very positive promoting positive outcome in your endeavors, give it a whirl as you go fourth to accomplish the energies are such that a positive outcome is more favorable today than most days this month.

The Tiger, Rabbit and Monkey will have the best energies today so for you maybe buy oe lotto ticket, the better the flow of energy the better your chances of success.

Leo:  Be honest, after all the fuss it will show you had the best intentions.

Aquarius:  Life and work in general might be getting your emotions up, take a breath, meditate, prayer, exercise, try them all and you will see a new better you at the other end.

If today is your birthday:

You have a wild side, make your choice with security and stability but that wild hair will keep all on their toes.  You can be overly interested in sexuality, but your stable side keeps you grounded and a good catch.  May not be a good poker player as your facial expression speaks volumes especially your eyes so use it for your benefit, remember God gave you some gifts so use them.  Those facial expressions can send the right message and it could land you a good relationship, friendship, job, you get the idea.