A good day for most things, get the drift, so whatever is important to you then jump on it, nothing is guaranteed but if you are looking for your odds to improve this is one of those days.  When I have clients and they are looking for a better day to do any surgery or any other important event they call me and give me some dates to look into, I will look for a day that your energy are at it’s best and the energy of the universe is likewise.  Does not guarantee the outcome but it will lessen the chance of failure or improves the chance of success.

If this is your birthday then you are a wild side, make your choice with security and stability but that wild hair will keep all on their toes.  You can be overly interested in sexuality, but your stable side keeps you grounded and a good catch.

Astrology is a great equalizer, if you’ve done it, you also need to look into the solar return, it will give you specific year guidance while the birth chart does general lifetime guidance.  The combo is great for you to seek guidance for the long haul or the year ahead.  My service offers you both for one price a win win scenario if I’ve ever seen one.