Energy of the day:

If you have been working hard towards a goal today is a good day to gain returns on your investments, a good day to initiate any project but primarily a great day to get what you have worked on.  For example if you wanted to get a promotion or feel you have worked hard and now need to be compensated this day might be one of the better ones this month so ask and the odds are good if you have truly prepared then the chances to get what you want will be good.

If today is your birthday:

You have a wild side, make your choice with security and stability but that wild hair will keep all on their toes.  You can be overly interested in sexuality, but your stable side keeps you grounded and a good catch.  May not be a good poker player as your facial expression speaks volumes especially your eyes so use it for your benefit, remember God gave you some gifts so use them.  Those facial expressions can send the right message and it could land you a good relationship, friendship, job, you get the idea.