Energy of the day:

Today is  a good day to initiate so if you have been wanting to start working out, do it, if you wanted to apply for another job again a wonderful day to initiate.  This day is good to start any endeavor so anything have have been wanting to do but have been procrastinating getting it started no better day this month than today.

For example the Rat has great energy today so the odds that if a rat starts something new will succeed will increase because the energy of the day backs up your endeavor.

If today is your birthday:

Keep an eye on your low back, make sure you drink enough water and stretch daily.  Work your creative side and build on your loving side, you are not very needy except for TLC.  Tender Loving Care, so if you want to keep this person happy just give love, this pertains more to women as men tend to be more of good talkers and sales might be your game.  In either case use your charisma and the world can be your oyster.