I’d say the worse day of the month, the only win today is work on your spiritual side, do clearings of energy, meditate, just clear some karma and let the day ride itself out for tomorrow will be better.

If today is your birthday then keep an eye on your low back, make sure you drink enough water and stretch daily.  Work your creative side and build on your loving side, you are not very needy exept for TLC.  Tender Loving Care, so if you want to keep this person happy just give love, this pertains more to women as men tend to be more of good talkers and sales might be your game.

Again if spell magic is your thing get malachite, clean it by running water, place it under the moon light and sunlight wrap it in green cloth or green bag, add some patchouli leaves add some patchouli oil and place it at the center of your business or home for improving you luck.  You can give it to a loved one as a gift it will have the power of appreciation added