This day is a day that requires you to play a balance, don’t go to extremes in a positive or negative way, so just pray, meditate, take a long walk, don’t know any specifics just remember tomorrow will be another day.

If this is your birthday then you are an old soul, like wise your thought prosses might be older than your age, you might mingle with older people than yourself, it might be you feel trapped in a young body.  If woman then keep an eye on your hormones, they might be extreme, might have some issues with the female areas, stay away from emotional extremes and more than likely all will be fine.

If into spells or spell breakers get a red sash, add bay leaves, dill, garlic cloves, st john’s wort, lemon, half a lemon, close the sash and keep it with you especially when you are going to areas that could prove negative energy might attach.  Get a ring with your birthstone but have it placed in silver as silver tends to amplify energy.