Energy of the day:

Great day for all positive endeavors, want to pull the trigger on that project, on that business plan you drew up, the time is now, work on your future by starting new projects.  The energy of new beginning is everywhere today so take a chance, the odds are in your favor, if your personal energy is also positive then that exponentially expands your chances for success.

If today is your birthday:

make sure you fix family relationships issues if any, try and let people in, you might be a bit stand offish about your feelings or someone who is extra Moshi so what is the problem, let your emotional side come out.  Don’t be in a rush to judgement most lost relationships come because of misunderstandings that escalated.  If oriental things are your think then understand the odds are you might have lived in the orient in past lives.  Have a love for sushi or other oriental meals then consider the same is possible, you lived in that part of the world in previous lives.