Energy of the day:

It’s a great day for a smooth beginning, starting on the right foot is always the best thing to get good flow, no matter the project so do so today and the odds of success just jumped forwards.

Scorpio:  Your energies might not be up to par but your ability to focus, analytical is good so just take your time.

Taurus:  You see the problem, don’t ignore, things need resolution, procrastination won’t just make it go away.

If today is your birthday:

You might have some sort of allergy even sensitive skin so go for it, connect with nature, that world is your playground.  Listen to your intuition especially if you get dreams write them down and compare after a while you will see certain trends.  If you tend to be moody, try exercise, life works best when you are not overwhelmed.  Intellectualize your emotions, these intense emotions need understanding, use practical ways to explore and sort these emotions.