Energy of the day:

A day that what you start will have a good chance of success, ask for that hand in marriage, visit or keep in touch with friends, want to get a promotion, ask today the odds are good.  Hey if you are on probation probably not but if you’ve done the work then the day has good chance of achievement.  If you’re a scorpio you can be a little dramatic if you feel life is not fair, be more balanced take a breath.
Today the Dog has an exceptionally better chance than average for success because not only is the day’s energy favorable but your energies are also up.

If today is your birthday:

You might have some sort of allergy even sensitive skin so go for it, connect with nature, that world is your playground.  Listen to your intuition especially if you get dreams write them down and compare after a while you will see certain trends.  If you tend to be moody, try exercise, life works best when you are not overwhelmed.  Intellectualize your emotions, these intense emotions need understanding, use practical ways to explore and sort these emotions.  If you like the oriental world could be you have lived previous lives in that part of the world, if you are clumsy pay attention or more black and blues will be coming your way.