On this day anything positive you put your mind to will have a better chance to come to fruition,  with a little bit of faith and some luck on a good day as today you might just pull it off.  Have faith and push through any doubts and the odds are on your side.

Your creative attributes are good if this is your birthday, trust your instincts, your belief is good then your outcomes will be likewise.  You will or might be a good writer, try it, The need for love belongs to all of us, but for this birthday it is more important so let love in, if it’s not there for you keep looking don’t settle.

To attract love get a cotton pad, open it up at the center add a few drops of honey or a small honey comb, spoon full of cumin, cinnamon powder, cooking cloves 5 of them, lemon peel, elder flower, yarrow herb, close them in the cotton by bringing together the four corners, place in a red sachet, place in your pillow or under it, keep it in your pocket, wear it around your neck and let the love come to you.