Energy of the day:

Day of commencement, anything, project, thing you want to start, this is the right day to do it on the right foot.

The Rabbit, Horse and Dog might want to clear some energy before launching as your energies today are a bit heavy.

Gemini:  The times now are a bit blocked, so time to cleanse and get back on track, lately with every step forwards there is a backwards or push back so definitely clear obstacles.

If today is your birthday:

Your creative attributes are good if this is your birthday, trust your instincts, your belief is good then your outcomes will be likewise.  You will or might be a good writer, try it, the need for love belongs to all of us, but for this birthday it is more important so let love in, if it’s not there for you keep looking don’t settle.  Although you might land on your feet in most situations it’s always better for you to be in a good healthy relationship.