Energy of the day:

Today is a great day to grow your abundance, health, wealth, let your soul soar high, the return on what ever positive endeavor you do today will push you forward, it’s like a wind helping your sails go forth.  Don’t sit around, today is a good day to make something happen, it’s in your hands, the door is open.

If today is your birthday:

Try going to the ocean more frequently, water in general is good for this birthday, you are a lucky sign so get what you want and stop doubting yourself.  Charisma will take you part of the way the rest will be hard work but for you, success is definitely possible.  May be a pied piper, if so, try leadership, it might be a suit that fits you well.  It’s time to put any big ideas into action, don’t hesitate, make them reality after you study all involved in the project.