Energy of the day:

Ask and you shall receive, today is that day, so if you have done the work then perhaps today might be that day and you will achieve.

The Rat, Dragon and the Snake have very good energy so for you there is even a better chance of obtaining your goals.

Cancer:  You need to keep your focus up as complications may stirr up.

Capricorn:  Have patience, you will achieve but not with rash decision.

If today is your birthday:

You might have a strong character, be patient, you surely will get more with honey than vinegar.  Your tongue is your blessing and your curse, think before you speak.  Your digestion might be slow so no eating late and going to bed, maybe even walk after your meals for that slow digestion.  If you have a desire to move then do it, plan it, I know you might want to fly by the seat of your pants, but preparation is the best part of any successful venture.