Energy of the day:

One of the best days this month, so once again any project or idea you’ve developed so far with work it might be time to initiate.

The Rabbit, Goat and Pig have complicated energies today so for you animals perhaps some prayer, meditation, focus your energies to get back in alignment.

Aquarius:  Time for letting go, deep healing from your past is here.

Leo:  Stay focus and as time passes you too will see your resolve bear fruit.

If today is your birthday:

You are an old soul, your dreams have reality in them, nice eyes, you are always more mature than the other kids, the west coast pulls you so if you are interested and not there maybe it might be a good time to think of the move.  At the very least take a trip and see if it fits, might be your star alignment feels better some other place.  In life we need to adjust course, not a problem just learning curb, you’ll learn more from adjustments than from just doing a thing.