Energy of the day:

The volatility, negative energy of the day will only be good for destructive endeavors so don’t go and do important things unless you have no choise.  We can always improve our odds by balancing our own energies, this will counteract the negativity of the day.  I would meditate, pray, cleanse and still wait till tomorrow for very important thing you want to come out well.

If today is your birthday:

You have a good path for working on health, anything in the healthcare industry would be good so will teaching maybe even uniform your options are good just choose and go fourth.  Don’t let any legal thing fester, it could be as simple as a ticket that you ignored and became a suspended license, if you feel you need to wear the uniform then go for it, karma can lead you to fulfil the larger part and being of service will fulfil so soldier, cop, firefighter, even doctor as they usually wear those white outfits.