Do any activity today that would bring abundance into your life, if feeling the negativity then use this day of abundance to clear your path into the future.  Joyful is the day where you can achieve all you wish, this is one of those days so take it for a spin.

If this is your birthday, slow down if you drive, improve relations with family specially a mother figure, don’t let things wait till it’s to late, learn to soften your character, remember we can always do better with honey than vinegar.

Spell magic, you like to do magic to check on things get some fresh basil, place it in a person’s hands if they hold on to it for a short time and it darkens the person is promiscuous.  Basil incents to get rid of evil in the home or any area.  If you place basil in each room it will enhance protection to the area, place it in water for the effects to last longer.