Energy of the day:

Not a good energy day, stuffy stagnant energies are all over so if you don’t need to do anything important perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

The Rabbit, Dog and Pig have low energies today so for you work on some prayer, meditation, cleansing rituals as you energies are even lower than the day’s on this day.

Pisces:  You might make a good psychologist, don’t overburden your own emotions with other’s complicated feelings.

Virgo:  Not time to become a robot, explore and express feelings today.

If today is your birthday:

your sensitive nature can help you, don’t think of it as a weakness because it can take you far if you balance it well.  If you are one of those few that stress gets to you, some sublingual vitamin B12 will go nicely to replenish that nervous energy that seems to seep from your pores.  Stability and family are what brings this sign life so go get it, find that partner or if already with that person cultivate it so it will last you a lifetime.