Energy of the day:

The energies of today are good to transact business, do that extra at work and be rewarded, ask for more an dtoday the energies are favorable for a yes answer.

The Rat, Dragon and Monkey can use some extra energy work today.

The Snake and the Pig are having good energy day today, use it or loose it.

Aries:  Time to slow down and smell the roses, you are spending to much energy, recharge your batteries.

Libra:  Conflicting emotions and thoughts can drive you crazy so take a breath and sleep a nap, exercise might be the best answer, sweat any anxiety you might be experiencing and you will see life from a better point of view.

If today is your birthday:

you definitely can feel the energies so pay attention to your dreams, if constantly feel not recognized or appreciated, maybe some form of energy cleanse will remove that shroud that can be blocking your star from shining, Hector can clarify and guide through a spiritual reading.  You can be a good communicator, take your assets for a spin, why reinvent the wheel in an area you are not proficient especially when you have some areas you were already born to excel. You are naturally smart so trust me when I say, a red sowing string on your left wrist will help protect you from negative energies.