Energy of the day:

A great energy day, stay away from any legal endeavors, so if you need to sign a contract today is not the best day, if you need to go to court, reschedule, all other endeavors are good today.  Remember this is the energy of the day but you will have your own unique energy so check, know your animal sign, check for the day’s energy for that sign if yours is good then it will mitigate the universal energies, the ideal is when both the personal and universal energies are both very positive.

If today is your birthday:

Do you know the difference between love and passion; love is of the soul and passion is of the flesh, this would apply to this birthday in most aspects of life, remember extremes are not generally the way to go.  You do have a creative streak and should be able to moderate with exercise, blow out that overburdened brain and sweat out the parts that can drive you crazy.  If it no longer serves you It’s time to let it go, don’t drag dead weight, make room for the new.