A good day to initiate any new plans, activities etc.  If you want to but have been worried do I start this project or not it’s the perfect day to initiate, most things you start today will come to fruition.

If today is your birthday your good with animals, if you have a healthy respect for them it’s because you were bitten by an animal in a previous life.  You will travel a lot in your lifetime, it’s never to late to get started so go for it.

For protection in the home get some blood root the darker red the better, you can place on doorways or windows to protect from evil.  You can hang over or subtly place in corner inside the home it will ward off negative energies.

So many ways to understand our lives, astrology follows the starts, the planets and puts together a path you will understand and bring clarity to areas you have concerns or questions about, future a bit blurry, in need of guidance, a natal chart will show you more than you can imagine.