Energy of the day:

Great energy to open your mind and heart, doors will open if you are open and today is a great day as the energies are open to receive return on your investment.  If you have been working towards a promotion, ask, if you are in love and want to move in together, ask, the answer to prepared question will be yes.  Hey don’t expect if you started working yesterday that you will get a promotion even if you ask.

If today is your birthday:

You must stay positive, with vigor engage in any difficult situation, stay optimistic and the outcome will come your way.  Repair relationships, your impulsive nature can cost you, think before you speak and if angry walk away maybe even exercise and come back to the issue with a clear mind.  If you drive slow down, your foot seems to be an extension of your emotions.  Flow with your creative nature and most of life’s issues will just flow away and you can get back to living a fulfilling life.  Traveling might be your thing if so, then get to it, never too late.