Any situations where more is needed then this is your day, more food, more candy well more food, more money, more health, you get the idea.  Whatever you need or want more of this is the day to initiate this endeavor.

If this is your birthday then focus on your dream life, you could be getting more than just dreams, messages could be part of it.  You are also open spiritually so when you get an intuition and dismiss and later it happens guess you are spiritually well endowed.  Your potential stretches beyond the creative, as you age a bit of arthritis can overcome you before what would be considered normal.  Some swear by copper bracelet, just drink plenty of water and stretch every day and see it improve within just a few days or weeks.

For those into the magic, if you have any legal stuff like court sprinkle some cascara sagrada in an infusion to get a good outcome.  Get some chamomile and cinnamon powder  sprinkle around the property to protect it from spells that might be cast against you.