Energy of the day:

The day’s energy is volatile, try and keep a low profile, maybe take a mental day, unless you have no choice today is not a great day to make important decisions.

The Rat, Dragon, Snake, Monkey and the Pig will have some energy issues today so even further for you there should be time for meditation, prayer etc to even out your own turbulent energies.

Gemini:  Expand your mind today, look around where can you make some positive inroads in your life.

Sagittarius:  This month as a whole there will be some curve balls, lets call it adventurous so go with the flow, go with the punches, no matter what you do keep it going this month.

If today is your birthday:

Charisma and good looks are some of the many good traits this birthday might be born with.  Remember you could be born to run but if you don’t do it, talent will never be discovered so take your charisma for a spin and you might just achieve your life purpose.  You will have an opportunity to write later in life, start journaling or any other means to write.  Enjoy down time, it will be time to get serious and down to work sooner than you thought.  Soak all the free time, it will last while you burn the midnight oil at work.