If you are competitive and you feel they are outclassing you today is a day where it might just even the odds.  Also a good day to travel or just go out on a short journey, visiting friends, great day to install equipment, that difficult job might be easier to get done today.

If this is your birthday, charisma and good looks are some of the many good traits this birthday might be born with.  Remember you could be born to run but if you don’t do it, talent will never be discovered so take your charisma for a spin and you might just achieve you life purpose.

For magic, try planting some catnip around the house and amp up your good luck, also get a coconut from the market, break in half or drill a big hole, use the internal water to wet your hands and forearms then fill the dry coconut with protective herbs you can use virgin candle wax to seal the hole, hang it in the house for protection or burry by entrance to protect the home from negative energies.