If you are looking for the right day to pull the trigger on any long-term project then this is that day, embarking on a long journey then again this is a good day.  The energies are good to start on the right foot.

If this is your birthday then you hate injustice, you have the power to make changes in the broad spectrum.  You can make a positive or negative impact to the masses, maybe politics or teacher, any position that molds how people think and guides them on a certain path.  You feel with your creative orientation and brains sky is the limit, sometimes you feel you are not getting the rewards you deserve or even that most don’t get you.

If you believe in magic get some powdered cilantro seeds add to red wine and infuse that wine as a lust potion.  Be careful who you give this drink, get the cilantro seeds place like a necklace and wear to ward off headaches or negative energies that can disrupt your thought process.